Axminster - 109818 - Screw Chuck for E Jaws


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This Axminster Woodturning Screw Chuck is compatible with the Dovetail Jaws Type E. Using a screw chuck is a quick and convenient method for mounting a turning blank on your lathe.

The central screw has a deep sharp thread for a positive and secure hold. It only requires you to drill a single shallow hole in the blank. Unlike a face plate which requires several screws to attach the timber, a screw chuck has a single central screw. It is ideal for smaller or shallow workpieces, (always assess the suitability for the size of the work).

Made entirely in Axminster, UK.

Key Features

  • Compatible with the Dovetail Jaws Type E
  • Quickly mount a turning blank on the lathe
  • Grips firmly onto the project blank
  • Ideal for smaller or shallow work pieces
  • Made in Axminster, UK
  • Perfect set up for anyone new to turning