Axminster Pen Trimmer - Reamer Set


SKU: AX-109909

Create perfectly precise pens and pencils every time with the Axminster Woodturning Pen Trimmer and Reamer Set. The process of making beautiful, custom-made pens and pencils requires precision when prepping the blank and brass insert tube. Once the brass tube is glued inside the blank, it's crucial that the blanks are trimmed perpendicular to and perfectly flush with the ends of the insert tube. If not achieved, then you run the risk of there being gaps in the finished product and parts of the assembly not coming together well. The Axminster Woodturning Pen Trimmer and Reamers, eliminates this from happening and ensures you achieve perfect end results.

Included in this complete set is the Axminster Woodturning Trimmer and 10 different sized pen reamers: 7mm, 8mm, 11/32", 3/8", 10mm, 10.5mm, 27/64", 15/32", 12.5mm and 37/64", allowing you to make a range of pen and pencil kits. The trimmer features carbide tipped cutters which have a high top rake angle, enabling is to cut effortlessly through a variety of materials. The results are clean, accurate and smooth cuts on wood, polyester, acrylic and more. The reamers are also made of stainless steel and for convenience have the pen kit size engraved on them, allowing you to quickly choose the relevant size. Also included in the kit is a spanner to tighten and untighten the reamers to the trimmer. As well as a high quality Proxxon hex key to secure the carbide tips to the trimmer. The set is supplied in a stylish systainer case with padded foam insert. Made entirely of stainless steel for maximum corrosion resistance.

N.B. Whilst the carbide tipped cutters are designed for maximum longevity, when you do eventually require a fresh edge, the hex key can be used to turn the cutters for a fresh edge.

Key Features

  • Create beautiful bespoke pens and pencils every time
  • Stainless steel trimmer and reamers
  • Ensures perfect results when prepping the blank
  • Trimmer features carbide tipped cutters;
  • Gives clean, accurate and smooth results
  • Works effortlessly on a variety of materials
  • Precision engineered and made in Axminster, UK

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