Axminster Essential SK88 Chuck Package


SKU: AX-109812

The Axminster Woodturning Essential Chuck Package is the perfect introduction for anyone looking to start woodturning. Encompassing all the basic tools necessary for work holding on the lathe, the package includes an Axminster Woodturning SK88 Chuck, Dovetail Jaws, Faceplate Ring and Screw Chuck.

The chuck, jaws and accessories are all precision engineered and made entirely in Axminster, UK, to ensure they deliver accurate results.

The SK88 Essential Chuck is the smallest chuck in the Axminster Woodturning range; it’s light and compact size makes it ideal for a variety of lathe models but ideally more suited to small to medium sized lathes. The Dovetail Jaws give a stable and secure hold of your workpiece with both an internal grip and external grip. Supplied also is a Faceplate Ring to use for mounting bowl blanks onto the chuck before initial turning and a ‘one piece’ screw chuck; designed to bite into the workpiece, perfect for holding smaller projects.

If you’re looking to take up woodturning, then this kit is the perfect starting point. Providing you with all the essential tools you need to start work holding on the lathe and exploring this captivating and creative hobby.

All made entirely in our manufacturing facility in Axminster, UK.

As the Essential SK88 Chuck and Jaws are made from EN1A steel, instead of stainless steel like our Clubman and Evolution premium chuck offerings, we recommend spraying it lightly with a dry lubricant on a regular basis to prevent tarnishing. You should do this more frequently if you are working in a damp workshop or turning wet timber.

Please note: the Axminster Woodturning Clubman SK80 Jaws will fit the Essential SK88 Chuck.

Key Features

  • Perfect for anyone looking to start woodturning
  • 88mm chuck diameter
  • Made entirely in Axminster, UK
  • 5-year guarantee
  • Includes the essential tools you need to get started