Axminster - Eccentric Spiralling Chuck Accessory for Axminster chucks


SKU: 900093

Turn eccentric pieces and spiral stems with this Axminster engineered and manufactured chuck accessory.

The Axminster Woodturning Eccentric Chuck locates onto any chuck with dovetail jaws 8mm deep with a 15° angle and that adjust to 70mm; such as the Axminster Woodturning type C dovetail jaws (100mm and 114mm) and other brands.

Full instructions from the designer, Tony Witham, are included. Expand your woodturning horizons, be eccentric.

Key Features

  • CNC manufactured in Axminster by Axminster
  • For Axminster type C jaws and similar jaw designs
  • Fits 8mm deep, 15° dovetail jaws, which adjust to 70mm
  • Turn eccentric and spiralled stems