Axminster-Multi-Head Live Revolving Centre MT2 & Additional Tips


SKU: 718222

We think that this is the best universal centre available today. There are two sealed bearings in the body and the working end has a taper for mounting the various interchangeable tips, guaranteeing that they run perfectly concentric. The centre is supplied with three tips, a standard 60° cone for general work, a 9.5mm(3/8") diameter by 16mm(5/8") long point for small or close work and a cup or ring centre for open grain or split turning.

In addition to the standard tips there are three additional tips, included which will further increase the scope of the centre. A 30mm diameter mini faceplate with a central screw which is very useful when turning long stemmed goblets, a 90° pipe centre for use when locating in on a pre-bored hole and a conical centre for quick centring on small work or as a support when turning spherical forms.

There is an ejector ring behind the tip which is operated by two tommy bars for quick and easy tip changes. We hope that you will agree that we have covered just about every possibility and that the Multihead Centre deserves a place in your tool box.