Axminster - UJK Expanding 20MM Dogs - 30MM HeightT (PKT 2)


SKU: AX-108820

UJK Expanding Dogs are effectively shorter and slightly simpler versions of the UJK Super Dog. They feature the same locking mechanism as the UJK Super Dog. CNC machined from 303 stainless steel in our own workshops in Axminster, the UJK Expanding Dogs maintain our high quality for precision engineered products.
These dogs are engineered to fit into a 20mm dog hole. They ‘Expand’ the possibilities and uses on any workbench with 20mm dog holes. They’re fully compatible with the UJK Multifunction Workbench and Festool Multi-functional MFT/3 Table.
The locking mechanism is designed to take up any slight tolerance there might be in the dog hole itself. A simple twist of the top of the dog changes fine tolerance into zero tolerance and locks it firmly in place. Once locked the Expanding Dog will sit perfectly still, without any wobble or movement.
Supplied with the unique chafer ring, this feature ensures the dog sits in the hole and provides a register ensuring the dog sits exactly at 90° to the work surface when locked in place, whilst still allowing for a flush fit, the chamfer ring also stops the dog falling through the hole before it's adjusted.
A UJK Chamfer Cutter is available for other non chamfered tables, or you can use a router with a bevel cutter to create a slight chamfer.
These Expanding Dogs are supplied as a pair and have a 40mm projection above the surface of your bench.

The UJK Chamfer Ring© is the intellectual property of Axminster Tools Ltd. Any infringement is strictly prohibited.

Key Features

  • For benches and tables with 20mm dog holes
  • Simple twist of the top locks dog in place
  • CNC machined from 303 stainless steel
  • Locks rock solid, guaranteed accuracy
  • Supplied as a pair, 40mm projection above bench surface