Axminster - UJK Paint Points


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It is always preferable to paint a panel or cupboard door with it horizontal, thus avoiding potential paint runs. However, this presents its own problems by taking up space and time while the finish dries before you can coat the other side. In addition, getting the edges done without them sticking to the bench top is tricky. These original paint points will fit onto your MFT table, or any other surface for anti-slip and extra stability

Paint Points solve both problems in a simple yet very effective way. One on each corner will elevate the door or panel off the work surface, and allow easy brush access to its edges. In use, paint the rear of the panel first then turn the panel over and paint the face and edges. The pointed tips minimise contact with the painted surface. Paint Points save time, letting you finish both sides in a single session; the back drying while you paint the face. CNC turned from aluminium they are unaffected by modern water-based acrylic paints and varnishes. At 20mm tall and 25mm in diameter, their weight and low centre of gravity make them very stable; they won’t rock or tip over in use.

Supplied as a pack of 6 in a handy storage tube.

Key Features

  • Original paint points fit onto MFT tables and other surfaces
  • Paint both sides of a workpiece in one session
  • Saves time; no waiting for the one side to dry
  • Lifts work clear of bench top, easy to finish edges
  • Minimal surface contact
  • Stable; will not rock or tip over in use
  • Solid aluminium, 25mm diameter, 20mm tall
  • Supplied as a pack of 6 in a handy storage tube