A3-31-Special-HAMMER-A3-31 (310mm/12") Jointer /Planer w/ Spiral Carbide Head/Wheels & ex. Table


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SKU: A3-31

Special Package-HAMMER-A3-31 (310mm/12") 4 hp (3.0kw) Jointer /Planer, This package includes the SILENT POWER Spiral Carbide Cutter Head and an Extension Table, which comes with the mounting rails at the Jointer and Planer outfeeds. Also included are the mobility kit wheels and bar. Aluminum Handwheel with digital display in mm. and the 90-degree elbow and 6 feet of 5" hose. This package saves $1122.22 off the list price if you order these items separately.

Jointer table length 1400 mm 55"; Planing width 12" 306mm max cut depth 4mm

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