1 Gallon Log End Grain Sealer - Winterized



A clear wax emulsion for sealing green wood to prevent checking, propylene glycol has been added to prevent freezing.

A hybrid of plant-based polymers and petroleum wax that protects the ends of green logs and lumber and is formulated mainly for North American hardwoods.It is made from renewable, natural ingredients and less petroleum-based raw material. A hybrid wax coating seals the ends of logs and lumber to protect against end checking and costly degrade, during air-drying before processing or kiln-drying. *Prevents up to 90% or more of end checking (drying splits) *Reduces losses: Conserves resources and improves yield *Can help reduce blue stain in logs *Cost-saving, environmentally friendly technology.

It is water Based non hazardous and no solvents.

We also if it in 6.5 gallon size. Please call the store for details

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