Ron Brown's Best Longworth Chuck Type 2 Basic - 16" Lathes and Up

Ron Brown's Best

SKU: LWC-2-16-B - FP1x8

The actual diameter is 15.375" to allow clearance for the bed ways. Maximum size vessel is 14" +/- 1/8"

What Is A Longworth Chuck?

It is a specialized faceplate for holding a bowl, plate, or platter so the tenon on the bottom can be machined.

How does it work?|
It uses two counter-rotating disks with rubber gripper buttons to gently secure the vessel.
When is Longworth Chuck supposed to be used?
At the very end of the turning process. You will have completed the inside and outside of the vessel except for cleaning up the tenon. The Longworth Style Chuck grips the vessel and gives you access to the tenon for machining.

How do I know which size is right for my lathe?
Each Longworth Chuck Type 2 is named for the size lathe it was designed to work best with. As an example, a 12” Longworth Chuck will work best on lathes that can spin a 12” vessel or larger. The standard factory-supplied faceplate will be threaded 1” x 8 tpi since that is the common spindle size for 12” lathes. 16”, 18” and 20” Longworth Chucks will come with faceplates 1.25” x 8 tpi. There are Metric options available for an additional charge, M33.

Note: The gripper buttons are approximately 1” in diameter. For the maximum holding capacity, you must allow 2” total from the stated size. A 12” Longworth Chuck can hold a maximum sized vessel of approximately 10”. Similarly, a 16” Longworth Chuck can accommodate vessels up to 14” in diameter.