Axminster UJK Drill Guide with 10MM Chuck


SKU: AX-106072

A drill guide provides extra stability and accuracy when you need to drill straight or at an angle. The beauty of the system is you can take your cordless drill and convert it to the near perfect accuracy of a pillar drill.

It is practically impossible to drill at a specific angle freehand. This carefully engineered drill guide helps you to drill at angles over a 110° range. The UJK drill guide is in effect a versatile and portable small pillar drill. The portability of this guide ensures that you can drill virtually anywhere. Set at 90° it produces perpendicular holes. Quadrants on each side of the base allow angle setting at ±55°. A threaded knob on one side and the auxiliary handle on the other ensure any chosen angle setting is secure. The underside of the base has a rubberised high friction pad to help steady the guide. The large aperture in the base gives a clear view of the drilling mark and allows the use of bits up to 60mm diameter. Integral vee-guides mean you can drill round the stock or pipes. The base has holes for fixing the guide in place onto a jig or sub-base.

The chuck guide assembly runs between twin steel guide bars. Bronze bushes ensure a smooth action between the assembly and guide bars. There is enough space between the bars to accommodate most drills. A precision-machined main shaft runs inside another bronze bush. The drive shaft is a 1/4" hex allowing you to use either mains or cordless drills. The drill shaft ends in a 10mm capacity chuck. There is a depth stop for accurate boring and countersinking.

The UJK drill guide is solid, and offers a great deal of flexibility. Bottom of drill chuck to underside of base is 230mm. Maximum Travel 210mm. Two pins, stored in the chuck guide assembly, when screwed into the base allow self centering drilling, for example when fitting a lock mortice into a door. The capacity when using self centering pins is 85mm. Optional 13mm chuck and centring vice available.

Key Features

  • Hugely versatile, portable drill guide
  • Capable of drilling any angle between +/- 55°
  • Takes bits or holesaws up to 60mm diameter
  • Two pins allow self centering drilling (85mm capacity)
  • Suitable for most power drills, mains or cordless
  • 1/4" hex drive shaft, with 3-jaw 10mm geared chuck
  • Cast aluminium base, machined slide assembly with steel guide rods
  • Rubberised, high-friction, non-slip base pad and auxiliary handle
  • Bottom of drill chuck to underside of base is 230mm
  • Maximum Travel 210mm
  • Centre pins are screwed into the top of the chuck carriage