Turner Turbo Wonder Inertia Sander

Wood Turners Wonders

SKU: Turner Turbo Wonder Inertia Sander

We are proud to announce another WoodTurners Wonders proprietary product, made in the USA. This is an inertia sander at its best.  We took all of the best  features we could find in similar products and added our own enhancements...this is the result.

Constructed of the same durable 6061 aluminum we use on our CBN wheels, this great tool weighs in at only a pound, but is stronger than anything else on the market. The handle is a full 10 inches long while the head and articulating joint add another 3 inches to the length.  Speaking of joints, ours are finished beautifully and held with massive 5/16 cap bolts so there are no wimpy "t" bolts.  This sander embodies everything you have come to expect from WoodTurners Wonders products.  The head has two sealed bearings for smooth operation and a strong rare earth magnet to hold the sanding shaft in. It is one of the most, if not THE most, compact heads on the market, allowing it to get into the very small openings of vessels.   The Turbo was made to use with our black and white Heavy Duty Sanding Pad Holders or the Tapered Tuffy.  It will accept any M6 shafts. 

NOT for use with our Ultimate Sanding kit products because they could unscrew if rotated in the wrong direction.  


  • Shaft Diameter: 1 inch 
  • Shaft Material: Polished 6061 Aluminum with knurled handle
  • Articulating joints: Sanding head moves on center joint which moves on handle center joint             
  • Removeable joint swivel points: 5/16 cap bolts anchored in two places (wrench included)
  • Head specs: 2 replaceable sealed permanently lubed bearings with rare earth magnetic holder

Comes complete with

  • (1)  Turner Turbo Wonder Inertia Sander
  • (1)  2 inch heavy duty backer pad with shaft
  • (1)  3 inch heavy duty backer pad with shaft
  • (1)  Wrench for joint cap head bolts