Self-Aligning Spherical Washer, 3-piece set for one CBN Wheel


SKU: CBN-WS1-washers

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We suggest that at the very least you should use a good quality flat washer on each side you your CBN wheels. Some problem grinders will create a little side to side movement in the wheel due to seating problems against the the shafts shoulder near the motor housing, or unequal pressure from the shaft nut. This movement will interfere with the accuracy of sharpening with the radius edge of the wheels. We have found If you experience this problem these self-aligning Spherical Washers used in conjunction with the 1010 cold rolled, case hardened, flat washers on the inside of the shaft will do the trick. The Spherical Washers act as a ball and socket to compensate for slight misalignment and to eliminate undue stress from the shaft nut. The hole size on this ball and socket set is slightly larger to efficient equalizing action. Please see photos for proper mounting. Sold as a set only with the ball and socket set and flat washer.