Rikon-23-400H 16” Planers with Helical Cuttinghead


SKU: Rikon-23-400H
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 Model 23-400H: 16″ Helical Planer

  • Powerful 3 HP Motor
  • 72 Four Sided Carbide Inserts
  • Infeed/ Outfeed Rollers
  • Adjustable Feed Rates
  • Easy Blade Access
  • Heavy Cast Iron Table

16” Planer #23-400H is fitted with a helical, four row cutter head holding 72 carbide insert cutters. Each insert cutter has four, pre-sharpened sides and can be easily changed/rotated if worn or damaged. Simply loosen the retaining screw, lift up and rotate the insert to a new sharp edge and re-fasten it in place. No setting is required, as the inserts are automatically indexed and set to proper position.

Manual - PDF
Sell Sheets - PDF