MX 2"x72" SANDING BELTS- 1,200 GRIT-Primary Use: Metal finishing

Micro-Surface Finishing Products Inc.

SKU: MI-2x72MX1200

All types of MICRO-MESH™ are manufactured utilizing Ultra-Flex technology. Each type is long lasting, cushioned, extremely flexible, and re- useable. The Ultra-flex properties of MICRO-MESH™ allows it to conform to shapes conventional products cannot, giving you additional finishing options. Sheets with pressure sensitive adhesive backing can be ordered so that you can cut the MICRO-MESH™ to specific shapes, allowing you to adhere it to most any polishing device. All formats are made with large, very uniform crystals that recede into the Ultra-Flex matrix as pressure is applied, allowing the crystal tips to all line up so they are level with the part being polished. This technology provides a more brilliant, consistent finish. Ultra-Flex technology reduces crystal fracturing making it a long-lasting, high quality abrasive like no other on today's market. It also reduces heat generation that can wear out the abrasive crystals and cause orange peel, pitting or other surface imperfections in the part being polished.