DVD-Mastering Woodturning-Sharpening

Glenn Lucas Woodturning


In this DVD Glenn shows in simple steps, how to use woodturning tools on a range of sharpening systems common on the market – Tormek, Oneway Wolverine, Sorby Pro-Edge, Woodcut Tru-Grind. For turners considering investing in one, this DVD will show each system put though its paces. Each is fairly presented by Glenn who gets the very best results from all. If you own one of these jigs already, Glenn plainly shows it in use and offers useful tips to get the most from your investment. Bowl and spindle tools are give sharp edges, as are negative rake scrapers, not previously covered in the Mastering Woodturning series. In the introduction, Glenn reminds us that ‘sharpening systems’ are a relatively new addition to the workshop. Used correctly he and his many students have seen them take a great deal of frustration out of sharpening and reshaping tools, and given turners more time to turn wood. ‘Jig sharpening helps you to achieve the perfect edge immediately. Sharp tools are where woodturning begins.’