DRY FAST- Drying Agent- reusable 15 lbs .of colour indicating Drying Agent, Drying Bag,


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Dry Fast™ Wood Drying Agent, 15 lbs. Dry Fast desiccant beads let you dry out green, wet wood up to 1'' thick in just 12 to 48 hours, with little to no checking or cracking. It's a fast, hassle-free method for drying items like pen blanks, handle blanks, and rough-turned bowls and platters. Just bury your workpiece under the beads and seal it in an airtight container. As the beads absorb moisture from the wood, they turn from blue to pink, indicating that it's time to check your workpiece for proper moisture content. Made in the USA. Features: Accelerated wood drying system—wood is dry in just 12 to 48 hours Even absorption from all sides for greatly reduced checking and cracking No heat required to dry your wood Bead color changes from blue to pink as it absorbs moisture Beads can be dried out and reused (takes just 1-2 hours in customer supplied drying oven) A drying bag is included to hold the beads and your wood Use with green, wet wood 1'' thick or fewer Instructions included for drying the wood and redrying the desiccant beads for reuse