CBN 8 inch x 1.5” sharpening wheel 80 grit coarse 5/8 arbour.


SKU: CBN-80R/8/58 coarse

Diameter = 8 inches 80 Grit Arbor hole = 5/8" Wheel width = 1.5" CBN (cubic boron nitride) Grinding Wheels are State-of-the-Art for grinding high-speed steel tools These wheels are designed for use with bench-type grinders. 1800 rpm or 3600 rpm Perfect for sharpening Woodturning Tools (high speed steel) Provides a superior edge compared to the old stone wheel Balanced – does not require "truing" These wheels will change the way you sharpen forever – Think razor sharp edges. CBN or Cubic Boron Nitride grinding wheels are electroplated and nickel coated. Why? Electroplating offers many advantages over other applications. It creates a more aggressive bond over other applications and will hold a form longer. It also performs a higher stock removal rate and will last for years. They are designed for sharpening high speed steels only and should not be used for other applications. These wheels have a 1.5" face so they are easy to use and work well with the Wolverine Sharpening System. The 180-grit wheel puts almost a mirror finish on your edges and makes them "scary sharp." The 80-grit wheel whips your tools into the profile you want and you can even finish grind your tools with it as well as raise a burr for your scrapers. A unique feature of this wheel is the 1/4" radius on the left and right side of the wheel. The radius makes it easy to grind small 1/4" hollowing bits and round scrapers. This eliminates the problem of having to rotate a tool by the handle (in the case of scrapers) and end up over-grinding the tip.