Bowlsaver MAX3 include 1” (25mm) x 6” (150mm) - Toolpost MT2 tail stock.

Woodcut Tools

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Does what it says. Saves bowls, easy!

Large or small, saves bowls and money.

Coring a 12" by 4" bowl in less than 5 minutes.

Two point support for reduced vibration and ease of use.

  • Makes cores from 3" to 17" diameter and up to 6" deep
  • Cut size 75mm (3") to 450mm (18")
  • Integrated with Tail stock for extra safety
  • Three high strength, cast, zinc coated blades with Stellite cutters, designed to hold an edge 2- 3 times longer than M2 HSS.
  • Can cut up to 500 bowls before needing to be re-tipped
  • Cutter is sharpened with a diamond hone or bench grinder
  • Includes #2 Morse Taper for the Tail Stock
  • User guide booklet supplied. Online support videos available on Woodcut Tools You Tube channel.
  • 11-1/2" (290mm) handle than can also be used for 1/2" or 12.7mm

Instructions - PDF
Template - PDF