Benjamin's Best Carbide Wizard 3 Piece Chisel Set



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Now you can get all the benefits of carbide with the value and performance of Benjamin's Best. With their super sharp carbide cutters and custom designed ergonomic handles these chisels will wiz through your material for faster results and eliminate the need for sharpening. Guaranteed to last 20 times longer than high speed steel. When the edge does get dull, just spin the tip to a new position. The tips are also easy to replace and interchangeable with a Star lock style screw & wrench. You get 3 high performance chisels with 4 profiles. Square Cut Chisel: With its 3/8in. square cutter you'll be able to quickly rough your pen blank and remove material in bulk. Rotate the cutter to use the gentle 2in. radius, you'll get a super smooth final profile and finishing. Cover Cutter Chisel: The round cutter on the Cove Maven will allow you to turn coves, hollow out bowels and finish the inside of bowls. Detail Chisel: Ideal for small, intricate work and cutting final details on your projects. Perfect for small coves and beads on pens. All 3 chisels in the set are 13-1/2in. long with a 4in. blade and includes a wood carry case.