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We had an opportunity to purchase some Tormek-style wheels that have a slight imperfection. The wheels are well made and still carry our Lifetime Guaranty but they're not quite up to our stringent standards. The way it was explained to me by the factory is that when being electroplated these wheels were subjected to what the factory called a "side effect". When the electrical pulses were put to the wheel slightly more CBN material ended up on the edges than in the center. The 6061 alloy aluminum is straight underneath I was assured. This has no effect when sharpening carving tools or turning tools, and the only time anyone might notice it is if they were sharpening a long straight item like a planer blade. They may even out over time but can't say for sure. You can see what I mean if you look at the photos below that show a light behind the straight edge - you can see a slight depression in the center of the wheel that is only about a couple of thousands I would say. That is the only imperfection, other than that they are fine. These are 10" x 2" wheels with 12mm arbors made to fit the larger Tormek machines.