OS-Mozart Workstation for Precision Knives


SKU: OS-20.031-2191

Mozart workstation for precision knife. Safe and orderly storage for knives, with slots for blade dispensers, and a holder for used blades. Knife and blade are not included.

This stand from Mozart AG is suitable for not only all Mozart knives, but also other scalpels to keep and store them safely for the user. The workstation is made of heavy material and allows the user to have by hand all needed. There is a slot for the knife, blade box and a box to dispose of the used scalpel blades.

Suitable for:

The knife 3F is the perfect tool for designers, artists, and model makers for cutting materials such as cardboard, paper, wallpaper, plastic, textiles, leather, graphic design, gently deburring plastic parts and all kinds of precision cutting.